MG Gelgoog Custom

Improving an old MG 1/100 Gelgoog: images, info

Made Gelgoog Custom.
Although it is a mass-produced Gelgoog, it was created with the image of a captain who was a fierce warrior who was a shooting down king.
Like a special captain’s MS, even if it is not 3x speed, I will increase the mobility by adding vernier and thrusters
Speaking of custom, Gatling!
Customized by using plastic pipes, Gundam legs, and other frames!

I also manufacture frames inside shoulder armor. Customize the auxiliary jet for the atmosphere of the optional unit
LED is installed in the mono eye.
Customized with a slightly smaller face and a larger comb!
Shield and back shot
From the front (watch photos below)

It is not ver2.0.
It has been refurbished so much that it doesn’t look like the MG kit 25 years ago

Work by こうちゃん@