30MM 1/144 Customize Weapons (Gatling Unit)

30MM 1/144 Customize Weapons (Gatling Unit) many images, info release date, full description

On sale June 09, 2022: 30MM 1/144 CUSTOMIZED WEAPONS (GATLING UNIT) 600YEN

Customized Weapons (Gatling Unit)
Customized weapons with a set of Gatling units are now available!
■ Can be assembled into various forms by rearranging parts such as Gatling mode and railgun mode.
■ The gun belt uses a soft material.
■ Hard points (3mm axis) are installed, and various optional parts can be installed.

■ Core rifle x 1
■ Gatling unit x 1 set
■ Railgun unit x 1
■ Magazine x 2 types
■ Barrel unit x 2 types