HGGS 1/144 “Fujin” Forbidden (Gundam)

Mixing Build HGGS 1/144 “Fujin” Forbidden (Gundam) images, info

Fūjin Is a Japanese deity, god of the wind. One of the most ancient divinities of Shintoism, he protects the skies from his brother Raijin, god of lightning and thunder. He corresponds to the Buddhist Futen.

Overall view of the near eye
Since the motif is an old painting, the painting is finished in a slightly persistent and dirty feeling.
I wondered what happened to the tare and made it with a plastic board. I painted it so that the color looks like that.
For the background, I sprayed gold on the plastic board and then added a pattern with a blur.

The back side of the tare is painted like a blade. The color of the sickle is based on the sickle of the devilish sound pillar, so I will finish it in a manga style.

Side by side with the original picture
If you bend your knees too much, it will look like a hustle, so I held it down at an angle that seems to be MS.

Assault form
Since the main body is almost the same, it can be in an assault form.
Turn the tare inside out and connect the two sickles to form a giant scissors. Divide the enemy into two with a physical attack.

Checking the color with outdoor sunlight
I put joints so that shoulders can be opened back and forth.

I bought a beetle tree at a home improvement store, cut it, and colored it.
Kuroun was kindly provided by RG ZERO Custom.
Since it is held by the handle, the angle can be freely adjusted.

Although it is a renewal, the style is old hgce, so the legs feel a little short. I like it.

Work by ukyo