HGGS Abyss Gundam Orca

Seed Destiny Series HGGS 1/144 ZGMF-X31S Abyss Gundam Orca remodeled. Full info, credits and images

From the Modeler:

I got my favorite Abyss from the SEED series, which is being resold in conjunction with the release of the movie.
It has been remodeled with a focus on some proportion changes.

The first change are the legs.
I’m replacing all the parts with Zedas parts.
After that, the head was made smaller. Waist extension. By replacing the legs, the thighs became firmer and the legs became longer, resulting in a body that doesn’t look out of place when compared to recent kits.

Since it’s for underwater use, I didn’t want it to look too sharp overall.
I dared not to mask the white and blue colors, but instead painted them in a blurred manner.

Sensors will glow under black light, even after transformation.

I wanted a simple look, so I removed the balayena on the back and the cannon that was attached to the binder.
The only weapons it has are the beam trident and the calidus on his chest.

This pose is the only choice for long weapons.
The three-pronged beam blade has a strong murderous intent.

This is the transformation I wanted to do the most.
I’ve always thought that the original Mobile Armor form was too tacky, even though it’s a rare underwater Gundam variant, so I tried to find a way to make it look more underwater.

The hips rotate 90 degrees instead of 180 degrees.
Set up a rotation axis below the shins so that the shins and below are facing straight to the side.
A trident with the beam blade and handle removed is attached to the chest, and the head is also hidden.

If you close the binder while keeping the original mechanism,
The orca (killer whale) form is completed.

What is the coolest underwater creature? I made it with the simple idea that it was a killer whale. I just changed the orientation of the original mobile armor form and added something like fins, but I think it looks surprisingly similar to that.

The photo is deceiving due to the way it was taken, but its body is vertical, so it’s more like a sunfish than a killer whale.
The color almost makes it look like a killer whale.

Work by ほむらあずき