HGUC/MG Nightingale type Sazabi

Mixing Build HGUC/MG Nightingale type Sazabi: many images, full description and credits

It is a work that mixes “MG Sazabi Ver. Ka” based on “HG Nightingale”. It was a similar size, so I did my best!

Mixing was done only with the parts of both machines, and the details were improved with streak carving, plastic board, and the remaining parts of both machines.

The coloring has been added with brightness
Gold is used as an accent and green chips are studded on each part.

image ①
I tried to make it composed of each part and parts of both machines.

image ②
A power cable was added to the base of the back binder and arranged.

image ③
Sazabi propellant tank has been added to the backpack on the upper side, and Nightingale’s propellant tank has been consolidated on the lower side.

image ④
The lumbar binder had a large surface and it was difficult to improve the details. It was applied using Sazabi parts.

image ⑤
I had a lot of trouble with the legs because the joint method and leg lengths differed greatly between Nightingale and Sazabi. For balance, the thighs are processed to be nightingale and the lower legs are processed to be Sazabi.

image ⑥
Personally, I liked the rear view of the nightingale vernier, so I painted the vernier in clear blue to emphasize it. The color is as good as the red color of the exterior, which makes it feel good!

the armament.
Large mega beam rifle
Created by mixing Sazabi’s rifle parts based on the Nightingale rifle. The muzzle has also been enlarged to give it a more powerful feel.

There was no difference between Nightingale and Sazabi, so I chose Sazabi, which has more details.

Abdominal mega particle cannon
Nightingale’s mega particle cannon was omitted and Sazabi was adopted.

Beam Tomahawk & Beam Saber
I adopted the one of Nightingale.

Hidden arm
You can’t remove the romantic armament!

There are a total of 16 units, using the ones from both machines.
For Sazabi’s items, I processed the backpack and attached a rack.

Work by 9LDK
@gannpuura on Twitter