HGUC Nightingale Haman Karn kai

Amazing kitbash! HGUC 1/144 Nightingale Haman Karn custom: many images, wip too, full info and credits

I tried making the HGUC Nightingale into a Haman exclusive MS.

Qubeley and Nightingale both have rounded shapes, so I thought they would look good together.

The beam saber and mono-eye are painted with fluorescent paint so they glow under light.

Holes are made all over the body with a pin vise and metal parts are embedded.

The rifle was also colored to match the Qubeley.

This is the content of the renovation. I started with a binder. I tried designing my own based on the works of various people. The curved shape of the shiitake mushrooms made it very difficult.
An electronic pin is inserted at the tip of the funnel.
Next is the upper body. Create panel lines with sujibori and mix Qubeley and Penelope’s parts
Cut the propellant tank and attach a mysterious propeller in the middle.

It’s hard to see the power pipe around the neck, but the power pipe at the waist has been replaced with a wave spring.
I lengthened the tip of the head with putty and cut out the back of the head with a design knife.

Since the upper body has become larger due to mixing, I widened it 5mm on each side from the hip joint, and widened the side skirts by 5mm accordingly.
Cut out the vernier part on the shin and arrange it at an angle to make it look like it is movable.

The legs have been made larger by 5mm on each side and the tips extended by 6mm.

I think the larger lower body gives it a heavier look.
The front skirt is a mix of Penelope’s parts and Gundam’s bag pack.
I pasted plastic boards in various places and added details with streaks.

For the rear skirt, I cut out a large part at the top and filled it with hardened junk from the internal frame.

The rifle is a Nightingale rifle that has been made larger by attaching various junk parts.
Thank you for watching until the end.

Work by プリン ⬇️