MG Gundam Queen of Heart custom

おおじろ〜’s Mixing Build MG 1/100 Gundam Queen of Heart: full images, work description and credits

It was created as a swordsmanship-specific machine that appears in Build Fighters Try.

God’s build system arrangement.
This machine specializes in swordsmanship against gods that specialize in fighting.
The setting that manipulates is a kendo club JK of the same high school as Kamiki-kun.
Therefore, the decals and color scheme are based on the image of a female MS.

The camera eye and other parts that seem to store power are painted in fluorescent colors and glow under black light.

Armed only with gerbera straight.
His special move is “Trans-Am Shun Tenshin” ← Oi
Trace the energy of the solar furnace to the sword through the back of the hand. Instantly, by activating Trans-Am, it is a technique that instantly cuts the opponent in two with a sword-slashing technique (Chunibyou).

The vernier on the leg and the brim of the sword are painted in a cast-iron style and dry-brushed.

Characteristic hair is from Bipura.

mixing process.
The wings are RG God, the chest is MG God, and the rest is SEED.
Since the body utilizes the structure of Quanta, it is possible to install an LED unit and equip a full saber.

Just a little bit at the end.
The machine is operated by Seiho Gakuen High School 2nd year, Ikaike JK swordsman belonging to the kendo club “Aoi F Kiryu”.
The hair and main color of the MS, and the different colors of the left and right camera eyes traced the characteristics of this child.
Purple is Gaia Lavender and white is Gaia EX White.
Thank you for watching until the end.
Work by 0026@おおじろ〜
@oojiro144 on Twitter