HGUC Quattro Bajeena’s Sinanju

dm_sprinh’s HGUC 1/144 Quattro Bajeena’s Sinanju custom built and a bit remodeled: images, info and credits

The production period is about 4 months, and the total man-hours are about 70 hours.
The gold uses Finisher’s red gold as it is. Sinanju has a lot of parts for HG, so I tried to paint without surfacer as much as possible because it saves time.

The color scheme of black and gold gives off a sense of a Buddhist altar, so I used blue as the accent color.

HG doesn’t have that big bazooka, so it’s a little lonely when you hold your weapon.

When assembling the shield, the engraving part was partially bald due to the impact. . I wonder if it would have been different if I had surfed.

Anyway, it might have been better to make it more flashy with yellow gold. It was too classy.
I did my best with the engraving by wiping off the acrylic. I don’t want to do it again!
It has been slightly remodeled to fit crimping balls on the arms, knees, and legs.

I want the color scheme sense of the weapon. The tip of the rifle was buried, so I’m scraping it.
The flat black was too dark and it was difficult to see the details. Is it better to mix black with gray to some extent?

The mono-eye is clear blue using H-eyes. Even with this, I shaved it a little and widened the field of view, but I can’t see it unless I look into it with a light. Poor visibility.

I erased the conspicuous joints such as the arms and legs and processed them later.
The difficult point is to paint the inside of the shield separately.

The joint on the back of the knee is made into a stepped mold. The tip of the calf vernier cover is shaved to make it sharp.

It took a stupid amount of time, but it was a kit with a strong presence and a sense of accomplishment.
In addition, I also posted images of the work in progress on Twitter, so please take a look.
Thank you for watching!

Twitter: DM aka @dm_sprinh