MG GM Sniper II CG illustration style painting

ニコボル’s MG 1/00 GM Sniper II CG illustration style painting: images, info and credits

I painted MG GM Sniper II in an illustration style with base modulation!

As usual, I add light and dark to the base and add shadows and highlights.

Speaking of GM Sniper II, it’s a sniper pose. It’s a great kit with a wide range of motion. I’m afraid of peeling off the paint

Back shot… I like the feel of the hind legs. Prioritizing the appearance of light, there is no difference in brightness between the right and left sides.

pose. It’s good to open. I also highlighted the eye cover and the scope. It’s hard to understand, but I like it.

With a hand shot. However, the degree of brain bugs may be a little low. Thank you for watching until the end

Work by ニコボル
@ nicovol48 on Twitter