MG GM Sniper II remodeled

陸ガメのリク’s Remodeled MG 1/100 GM Sniper II: credits, full info, images

I made MG GM Sniper II in the original color.
The coloring is inspired by German tanks, the four Creos German Gray brothers (No. 40, 513, 514, and 515) are the main ones.

I made some of the line carvings thicker to make it look like a sensor. It sparkles

I didn’t like the shape of the calf vernier cover, so I scratched it
Add details to the joints of the thighs and shins to show a glimpse of the internal frame

I didn’t really aim for it, but the vernier is mixed with fluorescent light so it glows under UV light.

I made a calf vernier cover in the shape I wanted out of plastic board.

The cover of the main thruster was carved and carved to make the edge look like a flap.
The chest is moved forward by 1.0mm, and the cover around the cockpit is angled diagonally.
The front armor and chin guard were both cut and extended.

There was almost no detail on the rear armor, so I made it look like a Pale Rider

Other things I’m doing are carving lines all over the body, etching the inside of the ankle armor, etc.

Work by 陸ガメのリク ⬇️