HGUC Prototype Messer Custom

gpo144’s HGUC 1/144 Prototype Messer Custom: images, info and credits

It is an original MS made as a “more Zeon-like MS made by AE”.
(..) The backpack is also replaced with Psycho Doga surplus parts (for Geara Doga).
The rear armor is cut short and fixedly connected. An image of a little Dom.
On the back of the rear armor, the thruster of Messer’s ankle is transplanted.

I moved the spike armor from the right shoulder to the left shoulder and replaced it with Marasai’s spikes.

The overall color is green like a Zeon mass-produced machine.
Add a power pipe to the waist. As usual, it is a rubber cord for handicrafts.
The chest duct looks like a Federation MS, so I covered it with a plastic plate to make it more Zeon-like.

Messer’s normal beam rifle was not my favorite design at all, so I replaced it with the one (for Lightning Z Gundam) that was lying in the junk box.

On the sides of the legs, Messer’s backpack cover and Kampfer’s shin area are attached.
Install a third-party thruster in it or on the ankle.

For the head, cut the stay part in front of the mono eye. The duct part of the mouth is also cut a little. For some reason it became like Kampfer.
The mono-eye is pasted with the pink one of “Customized Material (3D Metallic Seal)” recently released by Bandai.
The antenna is a plastic plate.
The cut part of the rear armor has been moved to the lower part of the front armor to reduce the gap.

As usual, all brush painting is done with water-based hobby colors. Inked with watercolors, applied decals and finished with a matte top coat.
The lighter green is “HUG202 Blast Impulse Green” and the darker green is “H-60 Dark Green”.
The blackish parts are painted in black and gray with about 10 colors.
All decals are Gundam decals this time.

The Zaku II-esque L-shaped shield on the right shoulder was created by cutting off extra Psycho Doga parts (for Geara Doga).
Sturm Faust on the back of the shield is also Psycho Doga surplus parts.

The most appealing point is the large heat hawk, scratched with plastic plates, plastic sticks, and junk parts while imagining the Zaku IV that appeared in Moon Gundam.
It’s huge, but it’s the perfect size for a large MS like this.

Work by gpo144