FULL MECHANICS 1/100 Forbidden Gundam

FULL MECHANICS 1/100 Forbidden Gundam, released on August 11, 2023. Box Art and new official images, with info

Description of item
From “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED”, the Forbidden Gundam equipped with a transformation mechanism is three-dimensionalized from 1/100 full mechanics with the latest arrangement and structure!

■In pursuit of a mechanical design, both high-density detail and ease of assembly are achieved.
■Dense mechanical modeling, from the inside of the exhaust port to the mold behind the armor.
■The blade parts have two types of surface finish to express the difference in texture.
■The energy cable connected to the backpack is reproduced with the attached varnish tube.
■Energy deflection armor “Geschmeidig Panzer” has a flexible arm and a shield.
■Multiple axes are provided at the connecting part of the backpack, and the angle of movement can be adjusted.
■The collar is movable in conjunction with the rotation of the chest intake block. With a structure in which the head sinks according to the movement, the backpack moves without interfering, and transforms into a high-speed assault form with minimal motion.
■In addition to deploying the 88mm railgun “Eckzahn”, it is also possible to rotate the local generator that changes the trajectory of Fresberg. Reproduce persuasive action scenes with delicate production.

■ Nidhoggr × 1
■ Action base joint × 1
■ Varnish tube × 2
■ Sticker × 2 types

Price 6,380 yen (including 10% tax)