1985 Old Kit 1/144 Gaplant remodeled

ganaramu’s Improved and Remodeled old 1/144 kit of Gaplant (year 1985) included images of the Work in progress too, credits

I got excited and started making an old kit, but I had a hard time with my first old kit… What the heck… Old kits are so difficult…
I’ve never seen such a bad sink mark, and the parts were made properly. It was a series of trials because it didn’t fit, but I managed to complete it, so I’d be happy if you could take a look at it.

MA form. It feels kind of thick lol I don’t think it will fly under gravity.

I took some photos, but I think it’s best to take random photos at the creation desk.

The style has been revised by extending the legs by 4mm and adding a roll axis. The neck is shaved diagonally to eliminate the gap between it and the body. That’s all I’ve done, but I think it’s gotten a lot better.

This was my first time using the roll axis, but I thought it would be amazing to see someone who could fix something like this so quickly…Mine is misaligned and clumsy…I don’t really see it, so it’s fine.

Adding the amount of details by carving the lines, digging out the existing mold was probably the most difficult part…

I added a thruster with Epo putty, and since the binder and soles of the feet were slippery, I added more details with a plastic board. The vernier is a builder’s part.

The face has been made a little sharper, and the red part has been made with holes. The mono eye is made of resin by pasting mirror tape on Haikyuu parts.

This was my first time using an old kit, and I had a lot of fun making it! I was worried about how many months it would take to make it, but I want to try it again!
Thank you for watching until the end.

Work by ganaramu