HG 1/144 Pharact Libertas custom build

Komakuma’s Mixing Build HG 1/144 Pharact Libertas: many images, full work description and credits

created this by mixing Pharact with Cosmic Era’s strongest (provisional) MS, aiming to create a MS that will not be declared out of action even in the final battle.

The chin guard was removed to emphasize the Gundam-like character, and since the face parts were missing, I installed a straight one.

The usefulness of the connected beam saber is unknown, but it looks cool so I decided to include it.

corax is not a stun beam generator, but a shield bit that generates a shield with a set of four devices.

I painted it with wood glue on transparent plastic vane to make it look like that.

A part of the blast booster was combined with Xiphias’s railgun.

I made the effect parts of the dragoon using transparent plastic van.

I just streaked a random line, but it was difficult because there were so many.

I changed the shape of the chest with plastic vanity and putty in order to attach the Callidus beam cannon.

For the shoulders, I attached a shell unit to a straight one.

The neck and upper arm are each extended.

I used Gundam Marchosias’ waist armor. It’s hard to tell, but the back of the head is also extended.

At first, I was planning to paint it black like Pharact, but after painting it with Stuffli colors, I think the combination of heroic coloring and heel-like appearance made it a very interesting MS.

Thank you for watching till the end!

Work by komakuma