HG Re VIAR based on Zaku Phantom

Darucus’ amazing Mixing Build: HG 1/144 Re VIAR based on Zaku Phantom: full images, description and credits

From the Modeler:

This piece was originally completed five years ago, but I had the opportunity to participate in an exhibition the other day, so I repainted all of the scratched paint.

It is a full-armored MS with black armor and armament
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I created the exterior and weapons using all kinds of plastic models, regardless of scale or brand.

There is a crawler on the heel, which is used to move at high speed during ground battles.

Full weapon fire.
The main weapons are two beam machine guns.
Furthermore, open the hatches of the backpack and knee armor and fire a volley of missiles.

beam katana.
As the name suggests, it is a beam saber with a blade shaped like a Japanese sword.
It has a higher output than a normal beam saber and has high fusing properties.
It is usually stored in the armor on both calves.

[Liu Shuangken Chain Slicer]
A physical sword stored within the shields on both shoulders.
It extends arrow-shaped blades connected in a string of wires and swings them like a whip, and in addition to slashing enemies from a distance, it also specializes in capturing and mowing down large areas.
The blade can be shortened and used as a regular heat saber.

[Annihilation cannon mouth Valdagion]
A high-powered beam cannon that opens its mouth-shaped chest and fires fire.
It releases all of its energy and burns away everything it sees in its eyes, just like a dragon breathing out flames…

Armor purge!

Levia’s true form.

Covered in thick black armor as if to hide her true identity, her true form is a damaged custom Zaku Phantom.
The Zaku Phantom Custom inside has weathering applied to the entire body.

Work by ダルクス