MG GP01-Fb Full Burnern Sniper Assault type custom

SC30’s Custom Build MG GP01-Fb Full Burnern Sniper Assault type: many images, full description and credits

From the Modeler:

I tried modifying the GP01-Fb. If you search for “MG GP01 modification” on the internet, you will find rubble of a vernier modification kit like this. When I looked at the legs, I thought, Maybe I can make something similar, so I tried making one.

Speaking of GP01-Fb’s additional equipment, it is a long beam rifle, so I modified the Gundam Unit 4 Mega Beam Launcher to have it. When I held it, it looked like a Gelgoog Jaeger, so I decided to make it a sniper model.

Sniper specifications. The main equipment is a long beam rifle.

The basic fighting style is sniping from out range.

In order to improve the accuracy of sniping, the shield is small so that it does not interfere with the handling of the rifle, and the beam shield does not deploy.

Modified universal boost pod. It is possible to escape at high speed after a sniper attack before receiving counterattack.

For attitude control, the propellant tank and thruster of Gundam Unit 4 and the thruster binder of HG GP03 are attached.

Vernier retracted, looks like Tallgeese.

The legs are almost the same as GP01-fb.

The four thrusters other than the main vernier and the thruster on the main body stabilize the posture in space, allowing precision shooting with increased accuracy.

The assault version is equipped with a long beam rifle of a different shape and uses a regular shield.

I got this long beam rifle before the Unit 4 model, so when I held it, I thought, “It’s surprisingly big, I can’t hold it straight, I wasn’t what I expected, but it would be a waste not to use it.” It has an assault specification. I just replaced the rifle and shield.

A regular beam rifle can be suspended horizontally on a propellant tank, allowing you to fight even if the long beam rifle runs out of energy.

The 100 yen neodymium magnet I installed in the action base was too heavy at the back and exceeded its limit. It is fixed with double-sided tape.

Weapons created. The No. 4 rifle has two types, one with a long barrel and one with a short barrel.

Now you can display it separately from the core fighter.

Photographed with the refurbished GP02 Full Burnern.

Thank you for watching until the end.

Work by SC30