1/144 YMS-09 Prototype Dom MSV Series

gpo144’s amazing Remodeling from an old kit released in 1983: 1/144 YMS-09 Prototype Dom MSV Series: images, full info and credits

It was produced by significantly renovating the form of the old kit.
“YMS-09 Prototype Dom” is an MSV. I made a major modification to the form of the old kit released in 1983, exactly 40 years ago (!). Aiming to complete “Dom Day” on October 6th.

Temporarily assembled old kit. The shape is typical of the old kit, with a large head, stubby torso, and short legs.

The head was integrated into the body, so I had to separate it, then lower it a little and install it. This makes the head look a little smaller. The power pipes on the left and right sides of the head are shortened. MonoEye uses “customized material (3D lens sticker)” released by Bandai a while ago.
The body remains the kit. The bazooka is also from the kit, but I made it about 2cm longer with plastic pipe so that it can be held in a natural pose.

The arm area is also the same as the kit, but only the hands have been replaced with build options and items used in other HGUC kits.

The legs are stretched out below the knees. The mount around the ankle was replaced with a plastic plate and a plastic rod to lengthen it and adjust the angle. To match that, I made a big change around the hem (?) with plastic board.

I used as much of the decals that came with the kit as possible, and used Gundam decals for the rest.
As usual, all paint was brush-painted with water-based hobby colors. The main black is “H55 Midnight Blue,” which is “blue but black.” The gray is “H61 light gray white (1)”. I painted it lightly with watercolor paint, applied the decals, and finished with a matte top coat.

It was an old kit Prototype Dom with a significantly changed form, completed on October 6th Dom Day. Modifying old kits is always fun no matter how many times you try it.

Beautiful work by gpo144 ( his account on X)