MG 1/100 Narrative Gundam C-Packs Ver.Ka

MG 1/100 Narrative Gundam C-Packs Ver.Ka, first basic review, including a message from Katoki Hajime. Many images, info

The finished product samples taken will be published in assembly instructions, packaging, and hobby sites. Under the supervision of Mr. Katoki, Mr. Takashi Matsumoto, who has been in charge of Ver.Ka’s paint finish for many years, is working on it.

It seems that Ver.Ka will be able to reproduce both the basic body and C-Packs. It is fitted so that there is no gap between the body and the psycho frame. Armed with shield, beam rifle, 2 beam sabers and orthodox equipment.

The most eye-catching part of the body is the exposed core block. Even the canopy is exposed. The body part also has no exterior, but this is the same as the body of ZZ Gundam. There is no exterior on the upper arms and thighs, and the movable frame is exposed.

Perhaps due to the close development time, there are many parts similar to the ν Gundam, such as the basic backpack and leg thruster covers. The shoulders, knee pads, and ankle areas are smaller than the C Packs, giving it an overall slimmer impression. The beam saber is worn on the waist, and can be seen briefly in the main story.

The overall height of both models is the same, but the kit’s C Packs has legs that are longer than the base body due to the psycho frame. The shoulders and forearms also have increased volume due to the addition of psycho frames.

The core fighter, which has the image of a bird, was impressive even at the climax of the movie. The two tail wings may seem unusual for a Core Fighter, but they were also used on the RX-78GP01 and RX-78GP03S. Although it did not appear in the movie, the landing gear is also reproduced in the kit.

The nose rotates and the main wings fold to form a core block configuration.

MESSAGE: Katoki Hajime
Since the Narrative Gundam is the main character in the Mobile Suit Gundam UC side story, it was obvious that it would be equipped with a Psycho Frame. However, Narrative is a machine that appeared later than Nu Gundam and Unicorn, so it is considered a side story. …The design that I thought of to make the character stand in such a position was “Psycho Frame was borrowed from Unicorn” (both in terms of setting and plastic model preparation), and “Gundam equipped with Core Block System. (I want to see and draw the core fighters of this era!)” were two concepts. These two points are probably the key to this Ver.Ka in terms of model gimmicks. I feel that both are the best and incorporate the latest Gunpla technology.