HGUC Gundam the Origin remodeled

HGUC RX-78-2 Gundam the Origin Ver. Jak Modeling: images, full info

Based on the HG Origin Gundam, i have made a renovation to bring out the terrifying white devil feeling in the play, which I felt was not a hero but a weapon for war.
The renovation is centered on the face. Red point uses a 0.3mm plastic rod to fit the scale better.
I am particular about painting the weapons and the back of the shield. The point was to improve the details and how to use the middle gray.
The proportions are almost the same as the kit. Only the knees have been improved and the standing figure has been adjusted better. The bazooka magazine was flat, so I used junk parts to decorate it.
For the main camera, cut the realistic decal attached to 3.0 Gundam etc. and use it. It reflects the strobe.
Add streaks sparingly this time. The back of the chin is carved and adjusted so that the chin can be pulled.
I used the VC dome for the first time, but it is excellent as an accent! I think that the dark gray lining on the back of the armor also helps to express a profound feeling.
I really like the design of the back of the knee.

Work by jak_modeling