HGUC 1/144 Kampfer with RG-level details

v_huwatoro’s HGUC 1/144 Kampfer with RG-level details. FULL VIDEO and images of the completed work. Credits and info

I made my beloved Kampfer with RG-level details so that it wouldn’t lose to the latest kits
I’ve explained all the style modifications and detailing in each part in the video, so I hope you’ll take a look

Here’s the whole body from the front! I cut the exterior of each part.

The back! I replaced the verniers and hand parts with parts from Sankakuya
I also worked hard to remove the seams of the weapons

I also attached metal parts to the bazooka exhaust port to give it a more luxurious feel
I also worked hard to paint the soles of the feet as a single part
I think this is the MS that looks best with two bazookas

I used masking to paint the weapons that I usually compromise on!

Work by @v_huwatoro on X and on Instagram

Check out the full build video with explanation.

set the subtitles in english, thanks