MG Hyaku Shiki novel Version custom

トゥィンキーバー’s Mixing Build MG 1/100 Hyaku Shiki novel Version. Many images (wip too) info and credits

From the Modeler:

This is the novel version of the Hyaku Shiki.
I’ve never read the novel version of Z Gundam, but I thought the illustrations of the Hyaku Shiki were very stylish and edgy, so I used the MG Delta Plus as the main model and mixed it together.
I don’t know if it appears in the novel, but I didn’t make the mysterious weapon that it had, the Battle Spear?

My favorite cluttered point
I think it will appeal to people who like it

Full front
I’ve always thought that the gold on the armor was meaningless, so I imagined it as a moth’s scales that peel off when a beam or impact is applied, and the pink of the fixative can be seen in the peeled off parts.

This is my own idea, but I gave up on the psychoframe idea because it was too easy and lame.

Side of the back
I like the shins of the Armored Core crests, they look really cool
Two-stage high heels
Also equipped with a Gundam mk-3 shield
100 on the shield…

I started making it just to participate in the Okahobby Hyakushiki Challenge, an exhibition held every year in Okayama.
I got into it more than I expected and it turned out to be a really hard-working Hyakushiki.

I had a deadline, so to be honest the paint job was a mess, primer → black → (camouflage part white → pink → masking) → clear → gold (2 patterns) → remove clear masking → gold → clear → dry brush gray → clear purple → clear → clear → spray car wax Zero Water directly with an airbrush! When it dries it has a weird, slimy shine.

It was a pain to paint, but I like it.

The elbow was bent at a weird angle (like an FSS mechs), so I added a joint and extended it.

Looking at it like this, it’s almost a Delta Plus.

Actually, it’s hidden by the vernier cover inside the butt, which is my favorite, so it can only be seen from directly below.

Work by トゥィンキーバー
@kazuu12211221 on X