EG 1/144 Lah Gundam Heavy (custom)

jiyu_nitsukuru’s Kitbash: Entry Grade 1/144 Lah Gundam Heavy. Many images, info and credits

From the Modeler:

I arranged the EG Lah Gundam with a heavy armor image by adding additional armor using runners, and a few junk parts.

This kit has the same runner as the EG Gundam, so there are quite a few leftover parts.

You can even make a normal EG Gundam.

So even if I attached the Lah Gundam’s knees to the shoulders, I could use the Gundam’s knees.

I used an airbrush and a brush to paint, and washed it with dark brown to create a heavy feel.

I also made the beam rifle larger using runners, runner tags, and junk parts.

I painted some of the beam javelin with fluorescent paint.

This is what it looked like during construction. I felt that the face parts were sticking out a little in the kit, so I shaved them down a little and moved them back.

It was a great, affordable and cool kit because it was easy to modify by reusing leftover parts.

The thing I regret is that I put too much weight on the legs, which narrowed the range of motion.

Work by @jiyu_nitsukuruきあい模型

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