[Dragon] 1/32 Warbirds Series Messerschmitt BF109E-7 Trop: Wallpaper Size Official Promo Posters, Full English Info, Link!

1[Dragon] 1/32 Warbirds Series Messerschmitt BF109E-7 Trop:

Wallpaper Size Official Promo Posters, Full English Info, Link!

2From the Manufacturer:

Sand prevention filter characteristic of tropical area specification only, of course, E-7 Trop which joined the Wing Tech series of well received by combines wonderfully detail and ease of assembly reproduced firmly also differences between the E-4 on sale already was.
– You can enjoy it at the size a certain presence about 27cm long and about 30cm wingspan and wing with an emphasis on speed and body shape slim, sharp finish.

– Such as engine and cockpit interior also realize fully the reproduction of the big scale of only 1/32. Canopy and engine cowl assembly is possible by selecting the opening and closing.
You try to put a detail up by the addition of hand slowly and carefully and cockpit engine start will be good.
– I’ve set etched parts the seat belt.
– Rotor blade parts such as rudder and ailerons use-etched parts to the mounting portion. Can be assembled at any angle. Can you assemble to choose the expression.
– 20mm cannon built into the wing also modeled real. It is assembled to choose a state in which the mounting cover the wing lower surface of the state that were removed.
– Are reproduced in parts of six, three-dimensional feeling enough landing gear. In addition, it sets a Part Using DS material that has been newly developed in the partition wall of the landing gear inside, and beautifully reproduced detail and internal form.
I will enhance the finish of the suspension.
– Marking Cartograf high quality. I’ve set Gunter Stein Hausen the aircraft of other 27th Fighter Wing from the North African Campaign, which gave birth to many ace.

– It is the model which you can easily taste the joy of big scale model of the plane only.

– Extensive use of slide mold, the main features both the height and detail ease of assembly, of perfection
– Added a new mold of sand prevention filter type Trop
– Cockpit interior also fully reproduced in detail. I prepare for etching parts the seat belt
– The detail of the engine also fully reproduced
– Rotor blade part aileron, and rudder assembly possible at any angle
– The beautifully reproduced detail and shape of the partition wall of the storage in the legs that could not be reproduced with a traditional kit by using the parts of the DS material
– Propeller blades can be assembled at any angle
– Canopy new mold
– Decal Cartograf

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