1/1200 [Vintage Kit] White Base: Modeled by Randy Wu [Indonesia]. Photoreview Big Size Images, Info

1601598_1444847879081915_1510775637_n1/1200 [Vintage Kit] White Base:

Modeled by Randy Wu [Indonesia].

Photoreview Big Size Images, Info

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Hi Goodmorning , Mr Fabrizio
Allow me to introduce myself in minute
My name is Randy Wu. I was born in Yogyakarta.Indonesia.
I have a nice hobby and that’s collecting toys (Included Gundam) and i have a photo gallery¬† in my facebook account.
You can visit them later and now i just want to share my latest works in your blog
it’s a vintage kit reissue from bandai.

Here’s the detail:
Name: Whitebase
Original : Gundam (First)
Scale: 1/1200
Series: 1/1200 vessels
Manufacture: Bandai
Release date: 1980
price: 1,000 yen

That’s all and i would say thank you for your attention. Good Morning Mr. Fabrizio. Nice to see you