Life-size Titanfall Mech @ Berlin Central Station: Wallpaper Size Images, Full Info

1Life-size Titanfall Mech @ Berlin Central Station:

Wallpaper Size Images, Full Info

If you find yourself near the Berlin Central Station today, you may have noticed a gigantic robot there before you decided to run for your life and hide in some corner. Nothing to fear. It’s just Betty the Titan, and this is just one stop on a four stop tour around Germany to promote Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall in a big way.

2Believe it or not Respawn and EA have been moving this and one other Titanfall prop all around the world. So far Betty has made appearances at Gamescom, GDC, E3, and a couple of other venues. Both Titans were created to represent the true scale of the mech compared to puny humans and they do that well. They would be amazing to see in person.

The Titans were created by Daniel’s Wood Land, based out of Paso Robles, CA. They are made almost completely out of foam, which is carved using 3D carving machines, then painted and sealed. So they aren’t as hard to move around as you would think.

3According to Theming Designer Cj Berg, Gunslinger is made almost entirely out of EPS foam, which was cut using a large format 4-axis router and a large format CNC hotwire from 3D models made from Respawn’s artwork. The steel base for the mech was fabricated in house and then covered in more of the EPS foam, which was then coated and painted while the rest of the build happened. It wasn’t until the very end of the build that they were able to assemble the mech and see how it all looked as a single unit.

4Gunslinger is more than just foam and steel, there’s some animatronics going on in there as well. The torso has a few basic LEDs across the sides, but the head on the atlas is both posable and configurable, with LEDs that match the lights on the mechs in game. These are the only parts of the Gunslinger build that can be adjusted, but the addition of LEDs add just enough life to the build to make it even more menacing from a distance or in low light.

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