Full scratch space colony

1/100000 scale Full scratch space colony: images, VIDEO, info and credits

Created a space colony with full scratch!
The scale is 1 / 100,000!
Although it is 1 / 100,000 scale, it has a total length of 45 cm. .. .. huge
I also made the inside. The city below is made with reference to Tokyo, and the white round building glimpsed at the bottom center of the screen will be the new national stadium.
It was difficult to shoot because the whole house was reflected in the mirror.
Speaking of colonies, I thought it was this scene and tried to reproduce it.
The parts composition looks like this.
It took 3 months to make it, though it is few except. ..

↓ Please watch the video of the creation process and the colony going around ↓

Work by コロニー製作所
@colony_mfg (on Twitter)