Gundam Murmur: images, info

Gundam Murmur (Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans MSV) setting art and mecha description released

Total length: 19.4m
Body weight: 33.9t
About 300 years ago, a Gundam frame mobile suit that survived the Calamity War and was piloted by Takie Farid, who later joined the first Seven Stars. Despite having a silhouette with many feminine curves, the biggest feature of Murmur is the super-large attack unit, Surgical Feather, which exceeds the total length of the MS mounted on the back waist.

Armed: Surgical knife
A close-range weapon mainly used when allowing enemies to approach Murmur. Double-headed knives can also be used by separating the blades.

Armed: Surgical Feather
The six consecutive surgical feathers mounted on the rear waist of the machine are weapons that are controlled by wires. Ayaya Sense System is required for operation.