Cardboard Unicorn Gundam built by Japanese high school students

Twitter user Tosshi (@szli8sDrLNTShtR) took two years to make it with other members of the modeling club at their school in Japan.

This Unicorn Gundam cardboard model is perfectly reproduced as the same “big brother” life-size Unicorn Gundam standing in the courtyard of Odaiba’s Diver City in Tokyo.

It took two years to make it with five other members of the modeling club at their school, just it in time for this year’s bunkasai.

Cultural festivals (文化祭 Bunkasai) in Japan are annual open day events held by most schools, from nursery schools to universities at which their students display their artistic achievements.
People who want to enter the school themselves or who are interested in the school may come to see what the schoolwork and atmosphere are like. Parents may also want to see what kind of work their children have been doing. The festivals are usually open to the public, especially at high schools and universities.

Tosshi said on his twitter account that this Cardboard Model has been disassembled and the parts placed in storage, to be rebuilt and put on display again at next year’s festival.