HGUC Tropical Dom custom built

でぃーこん’s Remodeling work: HGUC 1/144 Tropical Dom. Many images, wip too, info and credits

It looks like a mold from about 20 years ago… Now I was able to enjoy the nostalgic “burrs” and the “gap” that will not last forever.  Did you see Dom like this at UC? Only the scene where something like that was scattered… (repaired until the UC era…?) I decided to reproduce the aging deterioration every time… (one pattern)

Add enamel gray to the “gesso” that you have in stock to make the surface uneven.   The image of having been stripped and refurbished over and over…  (bored and neglected)

If you’re going to glide on land, it seems more rational to have a vernier (now a thruster?) close to the ground… . The result of facing various hells such as cutting hell, plastic plate hell, putty hell…

The back is full of weapons.  There is a high possibility of self-destruction in such a place close to the fire source, which is dangerous…    It’s like running with a bomb on your butt…

Roll up your skirt… increase your propulsion… float and move… how the hell do you stop? . .
Each time, it collides with trees, plunges into the desert, and reverse jets…? It’s not a weapon, it’s a cannonball…

After unassembled, some putty is applied, and the mono-eye part is cut. At that time, I wonder what I was thinking… I was planning to do various things that would delay completion…

“B cup” → “C cup” degree epoxy breast augmentation is added.  “Don’t shoot!”   D and above change rapidly over time, so if B or C is enough (no communication) (No! Dirt BAN)

(It’s better if it’s stuffed with something…) I thought it would be better if it was stuffed with “something” that would increase mobility, so I used epoxy putty to make bumps, but… It’s a bump-removing dom. .. and discouraged

Cut because I want to hide the head. Knowing about the standard remodeling that everyone has been doing for a long time, I’m keenly aware of my mediocre… At the same time, (It’s a hassle… Such a thing I wish I hadn’t…) Around the time I started to feel that way… (After this, my hands stopped for months…)

Time to re-challenge. Extend the upper part of the cross face of the head with a plastic plate. The head was accidentally damaged while processing the head to embed the face part into the head.

When I suddenly got motivated and tried again…I kept adding more and more troublesome things…

I thought it would be nice to stop, but (I need to increase the propulsion power…), so I started working on it again… I extended the skirt with plastic board + epoxy putty + putty

Work by でぃーこん
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