takahiro’s G-System 1/72 Hi Nu Gundam custom build: Full Review, info

Hi Nu Gundam custom buildG-SYSTEM 1/72 RX-93-ν2 Hi-νガンダム

またしてもG-Systemで1/72 RX-93-ν2 Hi-νGUNDAM 2機目の作成になります。
G-Systemは以前1/48 RX-93 νGUNDAMを作成しましたがこのスケールは1/72と小さいですがPG並みの大きさです。

Once again, 1/72 RX-93-ν2 Hi-νGUNDAM will be created on G-System.
G-System previously created 1/48 RX-93 νGUNDAM, but this scale is as small as 1/72, but it is about the same size as PG.
The frame will be completed using PG strike, but it will be larger with the joint modification parts attached to G-System.
The movement of each joint is a stable movement because it is a PG kit, but it is still heavyweight and independent is dangerous

Color recipe

G = Gaia
F = Finishers
M = Creos

Saff = G Surfacer Evo (Gray)
Mechanical part Saff-Evo Black
White ① = G Ultimate White + G Medium Blue
White ② = ① + EX black minimum
Blue ① = F Blue Purple + F Lavender + M Purple
Blue ② = ① + EX white small amount
Yellow = G Sunshine Yellow

Mechanical gray = original blend
Metallic part = G Star Bright Iron + G Dark Stainless Silver + F Red Gold + M Gray 05

Top coat = EX flat clear + M smooth smooth + M super clear matte.

・ Each metal part = metal bead, metal ball, metal vulcan, metal vernier etching.

-Decal = G-System included.