1/35 Infinite Justice Head Display scratch build

side view of Infinite JusticeInfinite Justice Gundam Amazing work by Shimoda Heavy Industries

From the modeler: (Translated…)

The head is a scratch made of a plastic plate and putty, and the internal mechanism and the frame of the neck are mixed by combining parts from various kits.

The head display of Strike Freedom Gundam produced in the past matches the format, and the head wrapped in armor and the exposed neck frame are displayed on a wooden pedestal.

The head is three-dimensional drawing made by CAD, and data for cutting plotter is created from it, and it is molded with plastic material and putty.
I referred to the shape of the MG and HG kits, but I have probably changed the shape and adjusted the details so that it can be seen even if it is enlarged to 1/35.

Since it is Infinite Justice, which is a brother machine of Strike Freedom, the shape of the neck frame is the same as the Strike Freedom head display that was created earlier, and only the color and detail details are changed.

The decals mainly use various RG Gundam decals and products of Vertex, Hi-Q parts…

The frame itself consists mainly of Kotobukiya’s “MSG: Blitz Gunner”, “MSG: Rapid Raider”, “MSG: Convert Body”, “MSG: Convert Carrier”, “Hexa Gear: Bulk Arm”, and “FA: Greifen”.

seen on modelers-g.jp

sorry for the english translation…..

poster image of Infinite Justice Head Display left side view of Infinite Justice Head Display rear view of the Infinite Justice Head Display another rear view of the Infinite Justice Head Display head closeup of the Infinite Justice Head Display closeup of the frame