Gundam game information on Tuesday, April 14 Gundam Diorama Front!

We will deliver the latest information on “Gundam” online games, which are popular services on mobile / PC / home game consoles! Today’s lineup on April 14th (Tue) is …

Gundam Diorama Front

(Windows® PC / Diorama Simulation Battle / Official service / Basic play free, some content paid)

“5th Anniversary & Large UPDATE -Operation V- Memorial Campaign” will be held!
[1] Distribution of 5th Anniversary commemorative container
[2] 5th Anniversary Great Thanks Login Bonus
[3] 5th Anniversary & UPDATE -Operation V-Commemorative Gasha distribution
[4] “5th Anniversary Boost Campaign” held to support unit strengthening and battle
[5] 5th Anniversary & Large UPDATE -Operation V-Memorial Limited Quest
・ Premium Disc Gasha “Double O Gundam Seven Sword / G” “GN Archer” pickup!
・ “Shooting score ranking-04.14 START!-” Is held!
・ A special mission “I want to meet each other!” Is issued with the theme of “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”!

「5th Anniversary&大型UPDATE -Operation V-記念キャンペーン」開催!
[1]5th Anniversary記念コンテナの配布
[2]5th Anniversary大感謝ログインボーナス開催
[3]5th Anniversary&UPDATE -Operation V-記念ガシャの配信
[4]ユニット強化やバトルを応援する「5th Anniversaryブーストキャンペーン」開催
[5]5th Anniversary&大型UPDATE -Operation V-記念リミテッドクエスト
・ プレミアムディスクガシャ「ダブルオーガンダムセブンソード/G」「GNアーチャー」ピックアップ!
・「 撃墜スコアランキング – 04.14 START! -」が開催!
・『機動戦士ガンダム00』をテーマにした、特別任務「 果たし合いを所望する!」を発令!