1/48 Diorama Gundam GP01

A new full-scale Gundam under construction in the city! 1/48 Diorama Gundam GP01 (RX-78 based): images, info and credits

Around May, I saw an advertisement for 0083 in a magazine, and I received a signal that Toshihiro Kawamoto’s illustration was really emo.
I’ll post it on Orazaku

Although the object is 1/48, it is compact because it is only the upper body

I did my best on the side
The body of this work is around the cockpit hatch.

I was troubled by the interpretation of the opening and closing mechanism of the hatch, but I managed to figure it out.

The tragedy that the hatch cannot be closed for some reason when it is finally assembled.

This is the original.
The first was the RX-78.
Head model of Gundam A appendix.

Start shaping the face

Since there is only the head, the body is plastic board.

A new full-scale Gundam under construction in the city.

Work by @umecyo (Twitter account)