kuroino966’s HG Zenith Strike Gundam Aetrius: MS Mode and MA Mode review

Front / back
Modified based on Strike.
Based on the actual battle data of Duel, Buster, Blitz, and Aegis, each characteristic part is….

Translated …. sorry for some errors :

Front / back

Modified based on Strike.

Based on the actual battle data of Duel, Buster, Blitz, and Aegis, each characteristic part is duplicated and incorporated.

The tricolor coloring has been repainted with the motif of Kruze’s Zaft military uniform.

Offensive shield system “Trichelos”

Adopted the “Trichelos” armed weapon that Blitz is equipped with.

Equipped with a 50mm beam rifle, beam saber, and triple penetration lancer dirt.

In addition, in order to compensate for the short range of the 50mm beam rifle, the rail gun “Shiva” equipped on the Duel Gundam Assault Shroud is attached to the top.

Grape Neil

The rocket anchor “Grape Neil” that Blitz is equipped with is adopted like Trichelos.

It was adopted because it can be used for various purposes such as piercing with a sharp tip and capturing with claw expansion.

The stealth function “Mirage Colloid”, which can be said to be the biggest feature of Blitz, has been postponed because the stealth usage time is extremely short and the power consumption when used in this machine is extremely short.

94mm high energy convergent fire line rifle & 350mm gun launcher

Adopted a connectable large firearm equipped with the buster.

Since it is difficult to handle, it is not suitable for one-on-one operation, but it exerts a great effect when used in anti-ship or long distance.

Anti-armor shotgun

Energy consumption will increase significantly, but by connecting each one, it will become a weapon specialized for firepower and sniper.

MA variant “Cruise form”

Adopt MA transformation, which is the greatest feature of Aegis.

Strike and Aegis have different frames, so the assembling work was difficult but completed successfully.

Therefore, it became an MS that can move at high speed while maintaining the versatility of strike.

MA modified artillery battle form “Skyra”

Of course, you can also use the 580mm double-row phase energy gun “Scylla” which is the greatest feature of the Aegis MA form.

Moreover, the fact that Buster’s armament can be used even though it is an MA form poses a threat to the opponent.

Dragoon system (prototype)

An all-range attackable firearm developed for Kruze whose spatial recognition ability is incomparable to ordinary people.

Since it is a prototype, it cannot be used for a long time, but attacks from the blind spots are more than effective.

The battle data of the dragoon obtained at Zenith Strike will be used by Providence Gundam later.

(I attached a gun barrel to Mu’s perfect strike so I tried to wear a dragoon against it)

~ Head ~

A part of the antenna has been changed to a visor equipped with various sensors so that Kruse’s spatial recognition ability can be better demonstrated.

In addition, since the G weapon heads other than the strike had no slits, the slits on the mouth were unified and closed.

In this way, the Zenith Strike summarizes the characteristics of each, but it was reborn as a very peaky MS that can not move properly without Kruse’s skillful operation technology.

Work by kuroino966 on Twitter