yamasi0628’s MG 1/100 Gundam Dynames Full Armed Weapon Ver. Yamasi. Photoreview, wip, info

MG Gundam Dynames F.A.W (full armed weapon) rollout! Review

From the modeler:

This time, I made it with a very greedy concept with an assault-type mobile suit that can be used as a single-distance full-distance base.

As for equipment

Microgravity Cannon

GN Sniper Rifle

High power generator with pseudo solar furnace

Power arm assist generator

Power arm

4 GN missile pods x 6

4 consecutive GN micro missile pods x 4

Twin anchor with dual GN missile pod

GN beam pistol x 2

GN beam saber x 2

GN Beam Sword

Knee crusher

Strike laser claw x 2


Work by yamasi0628 (twitter account)