Neon Genesis Evangelion RG EVA Unit-00 DX Positron Gun Set: images, info

RG general humanoid decisive weapon Android Evangelion prototype No.0 DX positron gun set

Release: 18 June 2020 – Price: 6,500 yen

From the RG Evangelion series, which pursues realism as an android, a prototype zero is available!

-The second in pursuit of the action pose reproduction of Evangelion with RG. The movement of the spine and shoulder blades, the interlocking of each armor, the gimmick that the armor follows when a twist is added to the arm, etc., further considered and expressed the Evangelion Zero as a “real grade”.

■ You can assemble before and after the renovation with parts selection type.

■ The head reproduces color classification by fine parts division.

■ Equipment that appeared in “Evangelion: 1.0 You Can Assemble” can also be selected.

■ Strongly linked with the first RG Evangelion! Includes Operation Yashima reproduction parts “G-type equipment” and “Positron rifle”.

■ 7 types of left and right hand parts, 1 type of umbilical cable, 2 types of progressive knife, 1 type of pallet rifle are also included.


■ Positron rifle × 1 ■ G-type equipment for the first machine × 1

■ Refurbished parts × 1 formula

■ Progressive knife × 2 types (normal time, storage)

■ Pallet rifle × 1

■ Hand parts (left and right) × 7 types each

■ Umbilical cable × 1