RG Expansion Set for God Gundam review

This is the Review for P-Bandai RG 1/144 Expansion Set for God Gundam

An expansion set for the RG God Gundam, which was sold to the general public earlier, is now available on Premium Bandai.
The price is 2,750 yen and it will be an order item on Premium Bandai.

Accessories include 2 types of hitting effect parts x 2, effects for Godfinger,
In addition to the Sekiha Tenkyouken effect,

Effect holding joint on display frame for sun wheel,

HGFC Fuunsaiki comes with an action base and an effect stand.

Please feel free to use joints that are not used in runners such as action bases.

The sticker is a marking sticker printed with the King of Heart emblem used for the Sekiha Tenkyouken effect.
Comes with a foil sticker that supplements the color coding of Fuunsaiki.

As for the surplus parts, the cover of Fuunsaiki is left over.

First of all, the wind and clouds of the mobile horse are revived.
This is a diversion of the previously released HGFC Master Gundam accessory.
For that reason, the structure is close to that of a semi-fixed model, and it has been sculpted with a sense of dynamism.
Basically it will be fixed with the front legs flipped up.

Of course, the display stand is also included.
There are some movable parts, but plastic caps are not used and are interlocked with plastic.
Also, since the color coding is HGFC compliant, the cheeks and hooves can be supplemented with stickers, but the yellow around the mouth, horns, and ankles need to be painted.

head up. The eyes are stickers.
The reins are reproduced with lead wires.

The neck can swing slightly.
You cannot rotate it left or right.

The body is partially hollowed out to accommodate God’s long front armor.
Although it is treated as surplus, there is a cover part, so if you are concerned about it, you can hide it.

There is also a retractable 3mm pin joint
The stand connection hole is a square dowel.

The connecting part of the front legs can be rotated. Since it is a BJ, you can also adjust the angle slightly.
The ankle can be bent at the elbow with BJ, but it cannot be straightened.

The hind legs have a lower degree of freedom, and can only be extended slightly without being able to rotate.
The tail can also swing a little.

Compare with the one that comes with the HGFC Master Gundam. There is no structural difference other than the fact that the back cover is removed.
It looks like the molding color is slightly different, but since the master is more than 10 years old from the first version, there is a possibility that the color has changed.

That concludes the review of the expansion set for the RG God Gundam.
This time, in addition to effects, it has a voluminous content that is set up to the resurrection of the wind.
Fuunsaiki is a lively model, and it looks cool when you put God on it, but since it’s based on HGFC, there’s a gap in the details.
Also, since there are no newly modeled parts, it is possible to substitute HGFC Master Fuunsaiki.
All the effects are easy to place, and I’m happy to be able to cover punches, Godfinger, and Sekiha Tenkyouken.
In addition, the joint for the sun was also able to use the divided sun effect, which was very convenient for recreating when rushing.

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