P-Bandai MG 1/100 Mission Pack O-Type and U-Type for Gundam F90

Mission Pack O/U Type for MG Gundam F90: images, info

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Jointly with the “MG 1/100 Gundam F90” (sold separately), a mission pack that can reproduce the commander specification O type and atmosphere departure specification U type comes up!

* The MS body is not included in this product.

*This product and “MG 1/100 Gundam F90” (sold separately/Premium Bandai sales item) are required to reproduce the photos shown.

A mission pack developed for the prototype MS Gundam F90 of the “formula plan” by Sanary (SNRI),

O type and U type are completely new molding and now available in master grade!

<2 types of mission packs can be reproduced!  >

● Commander-specific O (officer) type

A new mission pack created by Kunio Okawara in the F90 A to Z PROJECT.

-Reproduced with new molding the commander specification characterized by a large blade antenna equipped on the backpack and a reinforced rifle.

Balkan pod / large blade antenna

-Reproduce the armed balkan pod and large blade antenna equipped on the backpack.

Waist/beam saber rack

-Reproduce the beam saber rack relocated from the backpack to the left side armor.

Reinforced rifle

-Equipped with a telescopic gimmick, it is possible to reproduce the normal state and high output state.

Furthermore, the energy pack at the rear of the rifle can be removed.

● U (uplift) type with out-of-atmosphere specifications

Like the O type, a new mission pack drawn by Kunio Okawara.

-A super-large booster, a frame that locks each part of the aircraft, and a fairing cover are three-dimensionalized with new molding.  Large volume with a total length of about 30 cm.

Super large booster

-Three-dimensional booster integrated with a large propellant tank.

With the attached display stand, it can be displayed with the propellant tank installed.

∙ Each part frame / fairing cover

-Reproduce the frame that fixes each part of the aircraft and the fairing cover that protects it.

-The frame for the lower body lock that connects to the legs can be moved at 4 points.

● Water transfer type decal is included.

Includes water transfer decal including original marking.

Set contents: O type equipment complete set / U type equipment complete set

*This product does not include the MS body.

*This product includes only “Mission Pack O type & U type”.