NEW ROBOT魂 Evangelion Test Type-01: full images, full info

[NEW PHOTOS FOR FINAL PRODUCT ADDED] BANDAI on sale on June 25, 2020: ROBOT Spirits EVA-01 new theater version 5,500YEN (Attached: limited number of special display stand)

ROBOT Spirits

Evangelion First Unit

New Movie Version:

The first Evangelion machine is launched with new modeling.

The first Evangelion machine of “New Theatrical Edition” is commercialized with new modeling.  This product, which has evolved further from the popular 2010 edition, has achieved unprecedented reproduction of proportions and a natural and wide range of motion.

The ultimate mobile performance that allows you to pose naturally and as you wish.

A mysterious molding that faithfully reproduces the image in the play.

Includes parts that reproduce the development of the progressive knife.

Includes pallet rifle, progressive knife and umbilical cable.

Chest armor opens and closes.

The impressive scene in the play can be reproduced on the AT field.

Product specifications

Overall height: about 170 mm

Material: ABS, PVC

Set contents

Main body

Replacement wrist left and right 5 each

Umbilical cable

Pallet rifle

Progressive knife

Replacement shoulder armor (left)

A.T.field (with dedicated pedestal)

Limited quantity benefits:

ROBOT Spirits EVANGELION first unit new movie version dedicated display stand

*The quantity is limited.  It will end as soon as it is gone.

*The privilege pedestal will be handed with the product at the time of purchase.  (It is not bundled or sent separately at a later date.)

*This campaign is not available at some stores and online shops.