MG Musha Unicorn Gundam custom: photo review, info

Custom build MG Musha Unicorn Gundam custom review

From the modeler:

This time, the unicorn was made into a warrior with the feeling that “At first glance is Musha Gundam, and if you look closely, it is a unicorn.”
I put on the MG Unicorn Gundam the armor of MG Shin Musha.

Using the parts of the shield part of the unicorn, I carry a long mono weapon on my back.

The Japanese sword used was that of MG Barbatos. The psycho frame of the unicorn shield was transplanted to the shoulder armor to create a little unicorn-like appearance.
Barbatos’s ones are long and look great.

The long back is transformed into 4 modes. First of all, the classic warrior, Naginata mode

A hook using Kotobukiya’s beam shield (Masakari)

A spear mode with a full armor unicorn hyperbeam javelin motif.

Psycho frame reacts to black light.

Work by ダイスケ
aka: dt0822a on Twitter