Review HGBD:R Load Astray Double Rebake

HGBD:R Load Astray Double Rebake review

Because the legs are stretched, the height rises at once, and the height becomes close to 1/100.
However, the legs become a little unstable by that amount, and there are places where it is easy to fall if you are not careful.
It seems better to decorate it with the attached stand.
Side by side with HGBD Astray No Name.
Quadro and armament are different, and the balance of the abdomen is quite different, but it is interesting that if you use Reverso, you will grow taller at once and become huge.
This time it is a kit equipped with a quadro on the front and a change gimmick to Reverso on the back.
I’m changing from the standard shooting-oriented aircraft Quadro to the fighting main Reverso.
I think Reverso’s dynamic and interesting gimmick is that his limbs grow at once and change into a deformed figure.

Let’s transform it into a Reverso form.
First, remove the armor of the shoulders and forearms, and with the rear part facing forward, ① flip the limbs. ② Keep the white armor in the center of the back closed. And ③ change the direction of the wrist parts and put the ball joint on the outside. ④ Recombinate the armor of the shoulder and forearm and combine it with the main body again. ⑤ Remove the sole part of the quadro once and deploy the white armor at the rear. ⑦ Move the knees and crotch so that the legs look like beasts. ⑧ And attach the sole part to the original position again.

that’s all. A quadro based on Astray, a mode change to biological Reverso by reversing, and a special and highly creative and interesting kit. It’s good that both forms have a presence and taste so that one grain is delicious twice.

The disadvantage is that there are many moving parts due to the large amount of information and delicateness, so if you get sick, your posture may become unstable. Since it is equipped with robe-shaped armor on the shoulder, it will be an obstacle when moving the arm, and the frequency of the trustee piton in the foreground will increase, so it seems necessary to reinforce it.

The color coding of each part is fine, and it is also attractive that it is made so that it does not seem to be HG. It is good that the weapons are also interesting and special equipment, and you can enjoy it in various ways.

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