Photo Report GFY Full-scale moving Gundam

GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA Full-scale moving Gundam photo report

“GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA” Full-scale moving Gundam “photo report”
This photo report delivers the “media preview” of “GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA (GFY)” held on November 30th (Monday).

The GUNDAM-DOCK TOWER viewing ticket cannot be used alone. When using the GUNDAM-DOCK TOWER viewing ticket, please also purchase the GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA admission ticket.
Up to 3 adults under 6 years old are free
GUNDAM-DOCK TOWER viewing is a replacement system.
Prices and contents are subject to change without notice.
Sales period:
We are currently selling tickets for December 2020 and January 2021.
February 2021 will be on sale at the following dates and times.
February 1st to 15th, January 7th, 10:00 sales start
February 16-28, January 21 10:00 on sale

Yokohama Municipal Articulated Bus
Get off at the bus stop “Yamashita Pier”
3 minutes on foot
(about 20 minutes):
Via Honmoku Municipal Park Yuki in front of Honmoku Garage
58 systems (about 20 minutes)
Yuki in front of Isogo garage
26 systems (about 20 minutes)
Hommoku Port Heights Maeyuki
Yuki in front of Honmoku garage
Honmoku TOC Yuki
Yuki in front of Minato College
Sightseeing spot tour bus “Akasuku”


Haneda airport
There is a limousine bus that connects Haneda Airport with Yamashita Park, the Minatomirai area, and the Red Brick Warehouse.
Time required
Approximately 39 minutes (Haneda Airport International Terminal-Yamashita Park)

Adults 720 yen / Children 360 yen
When boarding for Haneda Airport
Reservations are required, but you can board if there are vacant seats on the day.
From a personal computer from a mobile phone
Telephone reservation from mobile phone (Keikyu Express Bus Seat Center)
03-3743-0022 (9: 00-18: 30)
Please contact Keikyu Bus for details.

Narita Airport
There is a limousine bus that connects Narita Airport and Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT).
Time required
About 85 minutes

Adults 3700 yen / Children 1850 yen

* There is no parking lot at this facility. In addition, there is no discount service for nearby parking lots.

Images yoshi115t (twitter account)