Review Comparison PG UNLEASHED Gundam part two

Old and New Part Two! Comparison PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam review

Attached beam rifle.
Next to it is the old PG beam rifle.
The length has become a little longer and it has become a smart model.
Also, plated parts can be seen from various places, and clear parts are used for the scope part.
The appearance is accented.
The old PG had the same seams, but this one is stepped down and molded.
The muzzle is made into separate parts, and the gold-plated parts of the barrel shine brilliantly.
Of course, the scope and foregrip are movable.
In addition, although it is a scope, clear parts are put on the plated parts so that it can pick up light beautifully.
The pin for connecting the waist is movable,
Also, the base of the barrel can be opened as shown in the image.
Also this time it will move to the trigger of the rifle.
The trigger can be moved by turning the knob on the trigger.
There is a dowel on the grip, and it can be held firmly with a fixed handle.

Then shield.
The shield has become slightly larger and the details in various places have become more complicated.
The back side also has truss-shaped frame parts to emphasize the three-dimensional effect.
The shield joint slides along the rail.
You can also raise the grip.
Since the shield joint is connected by an arm with multiple movable points, it can move flexibly.
you can fine-tune the angle.
In addition, this arm has a magnet set in advance so that it can be attached by magnetic force.
Of course there is also a shutter gimmick
Clear parts were used for the shutter part.
It seems that if you replace the pins, you can stack two sheets, but if you do this
It may be better not to do too much because the hole has expanded slightly and it has become squishy.
You can also set a rifle on the back of the shield like MG.
Also, by opening the backpack cover and rotating the central joint to make a fixing hole

Then beam saber.
There is a light emitting type grip and a normal type grip attached to the shoulder.
Only one grip emits light.
There is a switch around the center of the grip, and it lights up when you slide it.

From here, we will look at the details while comparing with the old PG.
The head does not change much in the comb part,
From the shape that the cheek part opens suddenly, the shape that only some hatches open.

The backpack starts with a method in which the entire cover goes up.
The hatch on the top and vernier opens and closes.

In addition to the helium core at the waist, the armor itself now opens to the left and right.
Also, deploy the side armor by stretching it downward.

The shoulders extend from the center of the armor.
You can also flip it up from the root like the old PG.

Regarding the arm, the part that opens from the old has changed.
The upper arm opens and closes only the front hatch.
The inner hatch of the forearm opens.

The part that opens the thigh has changed, and the hatch like a thin slit on the front and back opens and closes.

The number of deployment locations below the knee has increased considerably.
Upper and lower knee hatches, shin armor, left and right calves, and ankle armor are deployed respectively.
There is also a hatch on the toe that opens.

The hatch under the calf is deployed on the back side.

In the expanded state with the old PG.
The way the hatch opens has changed considerably.
In addition, the frame is also finely made in multiple colors, so it has a very dense feeling.
The mechanical appeal has greatly increased.

With EG Gundam (1/144) and MG Gundam Ver3.0 (1/100) released at the same time at the end
Since it is a Gundam, there are no extremely large backpacks, but there is only PG and it still takes up space to decorate.

This is the PG UNLEASHED RX-78-2 review.
The old PG was released in 1998, so it will be renewed for the first time in 22 years,
As expected, it is a kit that feels ridiculous evolution as it has passed so much.
Since it is such a complicated kit, there are many parts and many details.
Each runner is organized by unit, and consideration is given to forgetting to cut out parts.
I feel feedback from fine build kits such as 30MM in those places, and I think it’s amazing that it feels easier to assemble than the old PG.
I think that design people have different tastes if there are so many details.
Even with the huge size of 1/60, I didn’t feel any extension, and the frame was made in multiple layers, so I was quite satisfied with that alone.
In addition to LEDs, etching and metal parts that have not been used so far are also used, and the material is also challenging.
It was a very satisfying kit that you can feel the great evolution of Gunpla.

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