Review Comparison PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam part one

Old and New! Comparison PG UNLEASHED 1/60 RX-78-2 Gundam part one review

PG Gundam reborn as PG UNLEASHED.
Not to mention the complicated and precise gimmick like PG
This time, various materials such as etched parts are also used, making it an unprecedented Gunpla.
The price is 27,500 yen.
Accessories include beam rifle, shield, core fighter, flat hand, handle, gun handle,
Amuro & Sayla figures, stand joints for core fighters, parts for removing button batteries,
It also comes with 2 saber blades and 1 light emitting type saber grip.
The sticker comes with a foil sticker and a marking sticker that supplement some sensors.
Most foil stickers are not used to make them emit light.

There is also a new type of sticker this time, called a metallic 3D sticker (plastic sticker if it is a sticker notation).
This is a thing to be attached to the armor of various places, because it is a slightly thick transparent plastic film
You can easily enjoy the finish as if the inside of the clear parts was painted metallic.

In addition, this time, etching parts and metal parts are also used, and it is composed of various materials.

First of all, the basic frame.
We will assemble this once and complete it by the procedure of truss frame assembly → armor assembly.
Assembled and molded frames such as advanced MS joints are used for the cores such as limb frames.
As for the material, ABS, polycap, and KPS were used properly in the right place, and there was a solid sense of rigidity.

Then core fighter.
The color scheme is also reproduced exactly here, and clear parts are used for the canopy.
You can also use a 3mm shaft stand by using the attached joint.

Although the details are up, we will proceed while comparing with the old PG.
Although it is the head, the main camera and twin eyes are clear parts.
The mask and cheek duct are also open.
The shape of the tip of the antenna is quite unique, and the frame can be seen in a part of the back of the head.
Also, the face was slightly smaller than the old PG.

Up around the chest.
The amount of details increases at once from the old PG, and there are many places where you can see the inside by opening small slits.
Both chest ducts are of the type with the yellow part protruding.
The recent Gundam is a type that is almost retracted, so it’s fresh.

Backpack comparison.
The structure is quite spectacular because it uses plated parts, clear parts, and metal parts.
The vernier and the cover above it are movable.

Shoulder comparison.
This is a complicated line with curved surfaces instead of a simple box shape.
In addition, the exposed part of the poly cap has disappeared, and the etching on the side is a good accent.

Arm comparison. Of course, the details are also increasing here,
Another big difference is that the wrist is fixed.
The old PG was a fully movable hand, but this is only a grip or a flat hand except for the handle.

Lumbar comparison.
The V-shaped parts are sharper, and the helium core is not just a protrusion.
It has a unique shape combined with etching.
Also, since you can see a part of the frame etc., it is made with sharpness.
The V-shaped film outlet is also movable.
If you turn the parts behind the waist, the joint for attaching the rifle will come out.

Comparison of legs.
The thighs and knees have become thicker, and the lines have become stronger and sharper.
The ankle was a little smaller.
The old PG used a lot of screwing, but this time it is not used at all.

The soles are more complexly color coded.
Vernier is a method that fits the cover of clear parts like a backpack.

overall comparison.
The box-shaped armor has become a complicated line as a whole, and the proportions are also emphasized.
Also, the old PG had a fairly light armor detail,
This time, although it is 1/60, it has a higher density than RG and MG ver.3.0.

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