HG Core Bone Gundam X1 Armor custom

HGUC Crossbone Core Gundam X1 Armor custom work

From the Modeler:

Looking at the Core Gundam, I wanted my own gunpla.
Then make it! I used double parts based on the X1 and scratched it to my liking. By the way, I don’t use any parts of Core Gundam, but it is a mysterious specification that it corresponds firmly to the planet system.
The backpack is set as a GN drive. I’m wearing it because I wanted to prepare a gimmick that uses an energy cable.

CB Buster (Core Butterfly) as a fixed armament
Armed to imitate the structure of the butterfly buster. Full scratch.
By oscillating the beam saber at the middle fold, it is highly responsive to the constituency by smoothly switching between shooting and slashing.
In addition, it is possible to increase the beam output by attaching an energy cable from the backpack.

Optional equipment GN Muramasa.
This is for X3

X1 Armor
Basic armor that demonstrates the performance of Crossbone Gundam at a high level.
Armed takes over the set.
I struggled to adjust the balance of this form because I made the core style better

Add shoulders, legs, hip armor, arms, and thrusters to get this form.

The beam saber originally equipped on the chest has changed its storage location to the back of the knee due to structural changes. Thanks to this, the beam oscillates as it is during close quarters battle, and it can also be used for kicking, improving the feeling of a hidden weapon.

Dual wield
By using the basic equipment of X1 and CB Buster at the same time, the number of simple steps is doubled. He is good at forcible battles that make him say something by hitting a few shots and seldom cutting.

Work by Tomato_nit on Twitter