Review HGBD:R Double Rebake Rifle

Introducing a review of Double Rebake Rifle in 1/144 scale from HGBD:R Series (Support Weapon)

Includes a backpack that can be transformed into a double rifle, and lead wires that can reproduce the trustee piton injection state. With joint parts, it is a kit that can be combined with various HGs. The price is 770 yen (tax included).

The structure itself is simple and the number of parts is small, making it a simple armament that can be easily assembled and equipped. It can be deployed like a buster rifle.
The point to be worried about is that it is difficult to equip a kit with a large shoulder armor, and since the whole is KPS, it seems that it will be disassembled if it gets worn out. If it’s been a while since it was assembled, it may be handled while being reinforced.
I think that the best combination is the same series such as HGBD, but it seems that the HGUC kit will not be worth the price. As the name suggests, when equipped, it looks like a robe, so you can enjoy it by giving the kit a fashionable look.



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