1/144 Shiden Orga Itsuka custom

Custom build 1/144 Orga Itsuka Shiden Custom

From the Modeler:

This time some asymmetry
However, if you remove the armament, only the side skirt
There are many white parts in the painting, so start black
Visor, mono eye? The color of is yellow to match Orga eyes

Armed ① Flag spear
A spear with a flag with the Tekkadan emblem
I wanted you to flutter this in the pinch of the group and appear and inspire

Armed ② Odachi
Barbatos sword

Armed ③ rifle, shield

Armed ④ Pile Bunker

Some poses

With my Barbatos Jaeger
in the final battle

Production from here
I tried using some 100-yen metal products this time
Also, since I was interested in this time, I added a streak and a step-down mold, but I would like to do it a little this year (to the extent that I do not feel depressed)
And an armed rack on the shoulder? Joint? I tried using the 100-yen button for the part
By attaching a convex side to the weapon side, a strong connection part can be easily made, and I’m wondering (at the moment) that it may have the effect of metal parts

Work by カミオ
aka: caim619 on Twitter