HG Gundam Astaroth Amalgam custom

Custom Build HG Gundam Astaroth Amalgam: full info and images

From the Modeler:

I mixed Astaroth, the protagonist of Iron-Blooded Orphans Gekko, to my liking.
I like the rugged look of Astaroth, so I created it in the direction of polishing the ruggedness.
The name amalgam should have meant something like “mixed” in Italian, just like Rinascimento.
* It seems different, but is it okay
It’s literally a mixture of origin and rinascimento.

Main Armed: Demolition Ax
If you want to give it to a rugged guy, an ax!
I still like big weapons, so I made it big again this time, as the name suggests, it feels like a man who wants to destroy the target.

Sub-armed: sword
Sword stored in Demolition Ax
The function as a γ nanolaminate sword was lost technology at the time of Orphans, so “I got it distributed as a junk, but it is difficult to utilize Ahab particles, so I decided to use it as a normal sword for the time being.” Change the coloring with settings like
I’m putting in the image that the remnants of the former Ahab particle inflow remain red

Sub knuckle shield
Shield and sub knuckle
It also plays a role in holding a large ax

Shield arm
Shield equipped on the right shoulder
I expanded it to become a sub-arm

Rifle & Deployment Shield Arm
Like the manga version, I want to be told, “It’s a hidden arm !?”

Wire blade
It is meaningless unless you hit a powerful ax, so you can capture and attract enemies with a small blade that shoots from your waist

The concept of wanting to be rugged was decided, so the shape was relatively smooth.
I’ve mixed with Astaroth and Gundam frame in Barbatos and Vual, but this is what I’m doing in common.
In Astaroth and Vual, he is about one head taller than the original kit.

The main kit used this time is:
Head Astaroth Origin, Astray Red Frame (Tosaka extends junk parts with putty)
Body Efreet Schneid
Arm Jegan Blast Master, Origin
Waist origin, banshee (cut skirt)
Leg Origin, Rinascimento, Efreet Schneid,
Jegan Blastmaster, Galbaldy β

Demolition Ax Suff
I used a demolishing knife, a sledgehammer and a Jester calf.
The blade is made of plastic plate

That’s why Gundam Astaroth she was an amalgam
Although I started production, I was tired of it and it was not completed at all on the detour, but it was finally cleared up
I want to play with other Gundam frames as it is exciting as an iron-blooded machine arrangement series in myself
Thank you for watching until the end

Work by カミオ
aka: caim619 on Twitter