HGUC Zeta Plus C1 improved

Improving the HGUC Zeta Plus C1 by lumney0913: images, info

From the Modeler:

I haven’t read the original Sentinel, so I don’t know much about the settings, but I made some changes to make it look “cool!”
Items used:
The back shot is rugged and powerful. I am particular about sticking large decals on the calf and backpack.
The pipe on the back of the knee is replaced freely.

With the previous work HGUC Ex-S.
I made it because I wanted to shoot in this line.

Match the colors of the frame, blue and yellow, to create a sense of unity.

The sensor color shines in the low-visit color.
Add a fin antenna on the chest, and add frame details on the back of the neck and a working frame on the nose.

Divide at the thigh and add an operating roll.
For the calf, erase the seams and chop to change the dividing line.
Add panel detail after making it possible to squeeze later. Cut off the pipe on the back of the knee and replace it freely.
It took the most effort to repair the legs.

A rotation axis is added to the thigh by extending the neck 1 mm, waist 2.5 mm, and ankle 2 mm.
I dare to lower the shoulders by about 2mm so that I don’t get sick.
Also, I felt that the thighs were long, so I extended the knee armor by 2 mm to adjust the balance.

Comparison with the unassembled. It became moderately slender and massive.
Thank you for watching until the end!

Work by: lumney0913 (Twitter account)