PG Zeta Gundam Amuro Ray Custom

Semi-scratch, improved: PG 1/60 Zeta Gundam Amuro Ray use

From the Modeler:

it is a 20 years ago Gunpla so I felt that the proportions were old, so I modified it to my liking.
The legs are extended by 10 mm, the face is made smaller, and the breasts are roughly turned upwards, but there are many other things that have been done.

Hyper Mega Launcher is not included in the kit so scratch
Since it is 1/60 size, it is 48 cm and it is huge, so it is not included…

Coloring is painted with a blue splitter and decurling as an Amuro custom MS

I put a lot of decals on it, and since it is decaled as an Amuro machine belonging to Karaba, I hope you will pay attention to the decals as well.
The red and green chips are the Hasegawa finish sheet.

It is a group comparison.

PG is big, compared with Tamiya enamel color bottle

After renovation and before painting

After the suff, we introduced the blue suff for the first time

After painting, you can see that the details increasing with decals etc. compared to the finished picture.

It’s the inner frame, it’s painted a little.

Scratched hyper mega launcher, Zaku with MG in the back is 1/144 F2 Zaku, very large (the finished product has a thick barrel from here)

Compared to the miniaturization of the head, the face is carved, and the cheek pad is cut by 2 mm to make it smaller.

Work by ebichang
aka: ebichang_RNC7 on Twitter